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We are Pizza with a Mission.

At Slice 420, we proudly serve up the BEST New York style pizza in Colorado Springs!

We have dedicated our business and namesake to Christian and Stefany's youngest daughter, Sofia, who uses alternative medicine to treat her seizures caused by epilepsy and cerebral palsy. The family chose to sell their pizzeria in Florida in order to gain legal access to Sofia's life changing medicine here in Colorado. They consider themselves to be among thousands of American Medical Refugees. Colorado has changed their lives and we choose to show our gratitude by spreading that message through every slice we sell.

We do not offer infused foods, our mission is to further efforts that would give all individuals the much-needed freedom of choice regarding medical treatments, specifically as it relates to alternative medicine for children. We support this mission by sharing Sofia's story, educating and raising awareness of the benefits of alternative medicine, supporting other medical refugee families, and by donating to other agencies that support special needs children and their families.

So whether you are looking for a full pie, or a couple of pieces of pizza by the slice, we got you covered! Our highly trained staff is ready to assist you in having the best restaurant experience that you can have. We pride ourselves on high quality ingredients, a family-friendly atmosphere, and providing a platform for positive change regarding how alternative medicine is viewed. Because we not only offer the best pizza in the Colorado Springs area, but we are dedicated to giving back to a community that has provided a positive change for us personally!

So come by, say hello, and have a slice or two! We’re always happy to open our extended family and serve them with the best New York style pizza Colorado Springs has to offer. Pizza is already the definitive “feel good” food, why not feel a little better by helping us spread a positive message?

Pizza is the platform; Change is the Mission!

Our Mission

We provide hope, courage and inspiration
for other medical refugees and those supporting special needs
children in our community and beyond.
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Taste the Difference

Quality ingredients matter! We use fresh, natural and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.
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An Extraordinary Experience

We have spent years mastering our skills, and are continually striving to be better!
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