The Best New York Style Pizza Colorado Springs | Slice 420 - Our Journey

Hard work, Purpose and a Commitment to Excellence makes the difference.

Christian began his love affair with pizza when he was just 12 years old. Starting as a "hang around" at a small family owned restaurant, he would go to work everyday after school doing dishes, cleaning, prep and whatever else was asked of him. Christian was committed to learning everything he could about the art of pizza making and business was inspired at that young age to someday own his own pizzeria. In 2010 Christian's dream came true when he opened A Bronx Tale in Lantana, FL., a highly successful and thriving restaurant. In 2013 he and and his wife, Stefany welcomed their third child Sofia into their tribe, and shortly after her birth she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Sofia also has epilepsy and at one point was suffering up to 100 seizures a day. After years of trying to provide Sofia medical relief using commonly accepted pharmaceuticals and watching her condition continue to deteriorate, Stefany sought out alternative treatment options in Colorado. Thankfully, Sofia experienced success, and the family took a leap of faith, selling their pizzeria in Florida and relocated to Colorado Springs to gain legal access to her medicine, saving Sofia's life. Christian and Stefany are American Medical Refugees who are committed to being a beacon of hope to other refugee families and to positively contribute to the Colorado Springs community.

Olivier Leheux, a chef for over 30 years brings his culinary passion to everything he does. “Louie” as he is known to his friends, is originally from Paris, France and moved to Colorado Springs in 1999. He is a locally renowned chef and former owner of his own French restaurant, La Belle Vie and is associated with many other local favorite, highly rated eateries such as Marigolds and Peppertree. Louie has a passion for serving unique, high quality food and takes pride in giving our supporters a memorable culinary experience that pleases all the senses. Louie is the father of one teenage daughter and he loves to travel the world. He has an adventurous spirit and infectious laugh and he always makes time to visit with our Supporters (he especially enjoys it if you speak French with him). Louie's shining personality and warm smile makes everyone feel welcome, and if you ask, he'll even give you a surprise to thank you and commemorate your visit with us!

Together, they established Slice420 in September 2017, and committed to:

  • Using mostly local, whole, unprocessed ingredients.
  • Providing an unforgettable culinary experience to our customers by sharing our mission in an environment that is always warm & welcoming.
  • Giving back to the community.
  • Running an efficient & profitable business while keeping our values of faith first, family second and career third aligned.